Durga : A short biography

A workaholic person living and working in Kathmandu, he was raised in Khijee Kati, Okhaldhung. From a middle-class family background, he completed his primary education at Shree Kundali Primary School Kati Sanjor, which is the first school in the neighborhood founded by his Grandfather. He received a high school degree at the age of 16 from Shree Siddheshwar High School Bamti Bhandar, Ramechhap.

After High School, he migrated to Kathmandu (the Capital city of Nepal) in 2000 AD to pursue his future and further study. There he finished his bachelor’s degree in English from Pashupati Multiple Campus under TU, as well as received training in the IT field. After learning some computer skills he has worked as Computer Instructor for few companies.

Now he is doing Masters Degree in Anthropology from TU, also working with Utmost Adventure Trekking (P) Ltd. (utmostadventure.com) for 10 years. Besides he is running an information and entertainment-based website (Bagaicha.com) collaborating with Bagaicha Limited of Hong Kong since 2008.

Sunuwar has a medium-sized family of 8 members including him. His father (retired British Army) and mother (loving and caring person) are living in Hong Kong with his eldest son. He has two elders and one younger brother and two elder sisters. Sports, Music, and Movies are his favorite hobbies. Decent and down-to-earth Mr. Sunuwar loves to Read Books and Travel sometimes.