Hello, I am Durga from Nepal. I would like to welcome to you in my personal web page. Here you can learn much about my past and present life and works. I am a decent person middle son of my parents, web designer in profession, living in Kathmandu. Computing has become major part of my life. Music, movies, video games and sports are my favorite activities. Sometimes I like to read and travel. Family is very important to me so the friends. Please read my bio and resume to learn more about me.


Tserieng M. Sherpa - Nepal
Apr 24 2012 Tuesday

Tserieng M. Sherpa
Durga Kumar Sunuwar is a professional graphic and web designer who has an excellent knowledge of designing and creative skill. After high school education, he came to Kathmandu for further education and he joined Collage. While he was studying his collage he took computer education too.
He did excellent